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Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass

Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass

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This elegant 20-ounce pint is a staple in our Taprooms. Take the brewery experience home so every beer from your fridge is a beauty. The tapered shape makes for a solid grip, helping you raise a cheers to anyone within earshot. Fill with Pale Ale for best results!


*Hand washing our decal printed glassware is recommended in order to preserve the beauty and longevity of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Smith
Fantastic glasses!!!

These are the best glasses you can get at a great price. They have an etched hopes bloom in the bottom that “nucleates” which is creating bubbles that keeps the head on your beer for added flavor. Size is 20oz which allows space for a good full head and space to get aroma to enhance the beers flavor. I had 1 and then bought 4 more. Get some and increase the enjoyment of your beer.

John Williams

It's a good beer glass. Maybe a little too big.

Cristen Penn
Great glasses

These are wonderful pint glasses and they shipped quickly!

Derek Linwood
Hop Tulip Glass

Glasses are great and work for most beer styles. Ended up with one chipped at the top. Possibly a shipping error.

John Bradley
Great Glass!

Drank out of one of these at the Mills River Brewery and decided (of course after I left) that I wanted one. Great glass. Holds over a pint so you can get a whole pint in and not have to "drink down" to get all your beer in the glass. Quick shipping and my wife and I could not believe the care that went into packing it. Great purchase!