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Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass
Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass

Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass

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This elegant 20-ounce pint is a staple in our Taprooms. Take the brewery experience home so every beer from your fridge is a beauty. The tapered shape makes for a solid grip, helping you raise a cheers to anyone within earshot. Fill with Pale Ale for best results!


*Hand washing our decal printed glassware is recommended in order to preserve the beauty and longevity of the product.

Customer Reviews

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David Brown

I love the Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glasses! They are thinner glass, so I hope they remain available for a long time, in case of a broken one. I am not aware of the science behind the etching of a hops, but the way it works is visually pleasing and adds to the enjoyment of a beer. Also, loved the recyclable packaging materials and care with which they were boxed and shipped. Thank you!

Peter Milbury
Hop Tulip Imperial Pint Glass

I love using the glasses. I bought six of them, and picked them up at the Chico location. A pleasant young man brought them out to my car.

Richard T
Excellent glass, but too large for 12oz pour

For an imperial pint glass, this is great. Unfortunately, I usually pour from only a 12oz bottle, so the beer foam is white against the white etching, so I can't see the logo. I'd love this etched glass with the same shape to be scaled down to suit a 12oz pour. The etching is great, as it's dishwasher safe.

Beverly Widick
Replacement for Special Glass

My husband received one of these glasses on his 60th birthday at the Sierra Nevada in Chico. We got to watch an incredible show with Paul Thorn. However, I accidently broke it in the dishwasher. Nice to know I could replace it but doesn't have the same sentimental value as the broken one.

John Swafford
Nice, quality glasses

Great quality glasses at a great price! I swear, beer tastes better when drinking out of these, but it could be my imagination lol..