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Barrel Aged Ovila Abbey Ale 750mL Bottle

Barrel Aged Ovila Abbey Ale 750mL Bottle

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Silky smooth and full of flavor, this beer is a blend of our Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Dubbel and Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Brown Ale with Mandarins and Cocoa. With a deep mahogany color, the beer is rich with flavors of molasses and brown sugar, with a hint of orange and a distinct dried fruit character from a year spent in brandy barrels.

750ml Bottle

Alcohol Content: 11.4% by volume

Beginning Gravity: 19.0⁰ Plato

Ending Gravity: 3.1⁰ Plato

Bitterness Units: 40

Color: Chestnut

Yeast: Ale

Bittering Hops:  Magnum

Finishing Hops: Mandarina, Citra

Malts: Two-row Pale, Caramel, Chocolate

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Silky,smooth,hint of orange at the end,not boozy or to sweet,well done.It went great with a good cigar.I ordered 2 of these,2 rum barrel quads,5 Brux,I had Brux 7 years ago at a beer tasting event here in NW Indiana and it was my fav beer of the whole event,cant wait to try it now with more aging.I have a cool pic to send you guys,but not sure how,please let me know,thanks.
Scott Miller
maybe this will send