Thumbnail of Trip in the Woodss Barrel Aged Ovila Abbey Ale 750mL bottle
Trip in the Woodss Barrel Aged Ovila Abbey Ale 750mL bottle

Barrel Aged Ovila Abbey Ale 750mL Bottle


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Silky smooth and full of flavor, this beer is a blend of our Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Dubbel and Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Brown Ale with Mandarins and Cocoa. With a deep mahogany color, the beer is rich with flavors of molasses and brown sugar, with a hint of orange and a distinct dried fruit character from a year spent in brandy barrels.

750ml Bottle

Alcohol Content: 11.4% by volume

Beginning Gravity: 19.0⁰ Plato

Ending Gravity: 3.1⁰ Plato

Bitterness Units: 40

Color: Chestnut

Yeast: Ale

Bittering Hops:  Magnum

Finishing Hops: Mandarina, Citra

Malts: Two-row Pale, Caramel, Chocolate

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Silky,smooth,hint of orange at the end,not boozy or to sweet,well done.It went great with a good cigar.I ordered 2 of these,2 rum barrel quads,5 Brux,I had Brux 7 years ago at a beer tasting event here in NW Indiana and it was my fav beer of the whole event,cant wait to try it now with more aging.I have a cool pic to send you guys,but not sure how,please let me know,thanks.
Scott Miller
maybe this will send